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Time will fly when you’re having fun—even on the longest day of the year! Join us at The Farms and come celebrate the beginning of summer with us. Experience all our senior living community has to offer and enjoy delicious cookout favorites and live music.

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We’re here to help you put it all together. 

Join us for our upcoming speaker series on Alzheimer’s, awareness, and healthy living. In partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association and hosted by the Jordan River Health Campus, this informative series is designed to keep you informed and help you or someone you love make the right decisions when needed. 

Ruth’s Way: Memory Support at Jordan River

Every aspect of Ruth’s Way has been custom-designed specifically to enhance the day-to-day living experience for our wonderful residents.

Just as we have in other areas of The Farms, we have gone far above and beyond the expected to create a memory support experience that is absolutely unmatched by any existing service. Our team of experts refined every aspect of the design of the residence, from the overall layout, to the selection of materials, to the location of outlets and how lighting is managed. We did this for a simple but important reason: to ensure that every aspect of the residence, both major items and small details, come together to enhance the day-to-day lives of our residents

Encouraging independence

We all value our independence. For memory support residents, however, our goal is always to encourage independence in a way that also reduces stress. For example, the interior walking loop encourages movement and exercise. Square dining tables encourage social interaction while maintaining a sense of personal space. And at each resident’s suite, a secure memory box allows the residents to personalize their space, encourages reminiscing with friends, and helps them more easily identify their own home.

Dementia care: 40 years of wisdom

Annette Marlar, Director of Medical Services, HR, and Dementia Comfort Specialist for Retirement Companies of America, shares her thoughts and experiences from 40 years of serving patients with dementia. Request access to this informative presentation below.

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Innovation throughout Ruth’s Way

Here are just a few of the key features of Ruth’s Way that have been carefully designed specifically for our memory support residents.

Personalized Care Plans

Our trained staff develops a personalized care plan for every resident, designed to encourage independence, personal growth, and interaction with other residents. 


10′ wide corridors, a centrally-located caregiver station, and an open floor plan encourage resident movement and exploration, preserve personal space, and make it easier for our staff to see and hear the full environment.

Accessibility Enhancements

Wall outlets are placed higher than usual to make them easier for all residents to access. Flooring and carpet are comfortable but easy to use even with assistive devices (walkers, canes, etc.). Even the signage is custom, with a larger and easier-to-read font

Stimulative Environment

From our pictures along the walls that provide stimulation, prompt long-term memory, and inspire conversation, to the placement of interactive items throughout the residence, every area of Ruth’s Way is thoughtfully designed to keep residents entertained and active both physically and mentally.

Restaurant-style Dining

Food is important at any age, both for our physical and social health. Our chef-designed meals and healthy snacks include a variety of local favorites and feature fresh ingredients throughout. Of course, special dietary needs are always addressed.

Open Design with Discrete Activity Areas

While the open design promotes physical movement and helps eliminate barriers that can be frustrating, it’s still important to have delineated areas that encourage small-group discussion, game-playing, etc. These gathering spaces allow for more comfortable interaction while remaining open to caregivers and staff.

Seating, Tables, Handrails and More

Community seating has been tested for seat depth, armrest design and height, and ease of use on approach and exit. Handrails in residence care areas were designed by an occupational therapy team and feature a universal grip for adaptive needs such as Osteoarthritis. We have thought through even the smallest of details to ensure every aspect of Ruth’s Way is optimized for the physical and mental needs of our residents.

Ruth’s Way Courtyard

The residence offers a beautiful, secure outdoor space with a resident garden, all easily accessible from the main activity area.

Spa and Hair Salon

We all want to be pampered. Our Rane tub, which raises to a semi-sitting position to make it easier for entrance/exit, allows all of our residents to enjoy a nice warm bath. And to complete the experience, the on-site hair salon is right nearby in the East corridor.

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