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Downsizing Done Right

As the comedian George Carlin famously pointed out, we have a lot of stuff.

Stuff in every room. Stuff in the garage. Stuff in closets. Stuff in storage.

Yet your possessions – prized or paltry – can get in the way of your next, or last, move.

Fortunately, those planning to move to The Farms at Bailey Station have help – a dedicated moving coordinator who works with you at no additional cost to help you downsize in preparation for your move.

For couples who have lived in the same house for decades, that task can seem daunting.

“Every single time they are overwhelmed about all the stuff they have and the timeframe they have to get rid of it,” said Mary Cross, sales director at The Farms. “They’re excited but nervous. Their biggest concern is ‘What will I do with everything?’”

The answer to that question depends on how many household goods and furniture you need in your new home or apartment. “Prepare to live a little lighter,” Cross advises.

The moving coordinator can come to your current home, take measurements of furniture and provide advice on what fits – or doesn’t – into your new home at The Farms.

“This is a personal touch we offer,” Cross says. “Your moving coordinator will know every angle and finish of your home at The Farms, so they can expertly recommend how much stuff you need to get rid of in preparation for a move.”

While downsizing is stressful, Cross offers a few tips to make the process smoother:

  • What do you really need? You won’t need the same things for your new home and new life. Focus on the necessities and what will enhance your quality of life.
  • Start now. The sooner you identify what to get rid of the easier the move. Remember, this could take up to a year, so downsize as early as possible.
  • Start small. Looking at a house full of stuff can be daunting. Start by eliminating a room you won’t have after your move and move on to the next. (No more lawn mower!)
  • Sell, toss or donate? Like one of those home-improvement shows, make a list (or a pile) of stuff that you can sell, throw away/recycle or give away. Consider donating to non-profit organizations or churches, holding an estate sale, or giving heirlooms to family members.
  • Get help. Family members and professionals will have ideas and solutions to take away the stress.

Downsizing now will make your move easier. But that doesn’t mean moving will be stress-free.

To that end, The Farms provides resources and recommendations to help future residents sell their current home and prepare for their move.

“We talk to them about selling their home, planning for a move and moving their household goods with the help with professional movers,” Cross says. “We provide moving resources and recommendations for our future residents so they can make the right decisions.”

If you want to move this year, now is the time to start downsizing and putting your current home on the market. Then, of course, there’s a slew of things to do: address changes, insurance adjustments, legal documents, hiring a moving company – and much more.

“Our moving coordinator provides that additional peace of mind,” Cross says. “I want our future residents to say, ‘Oh, goodness, someone is there for me.’ They are not alone. We have a plan to help you make this transition as comfortable as possible.”

To learn more about how a moving coordinator can help with your move to The Farms, please contact us at 901-328-4850.

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