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Top 10 Reasons We Chose Collierville for our Future

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We believe that where you live can have a great impact on how you live and how you feel about life everyday. Living in a community that is clean and vibrant and full of life can put a smile on your face and a lift in your spirit.

And that, along with a whole lot more, is what you’ll find in Collierville. We certainly have.

A progressive city with plenty of green grass, blue sky, and nice people with a great a attitude about what to do today and how to plan for tomorrow. That’s not just Collierville. That’s the Farms at Bailey Station, too.

Collierville Top Ten

Number 1


Well-funded, award-winning police and fire departments have produced a low crime rate and a high degree of resident satisfaction. Feel free to walk around and enjoy yourself.

Number 2


More than 18 miles of trails.
20 parks, including Town Square Park in the heart of the business district that is home to festivals, fairs, and performances throughout the year. Plus athletic fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a well-funded, well-managed Maintenance Division that keeps them all up to snuff everyday. We like it that way.

Collierville Easter Egg Hunt

Collierville Greenbelt Trail

Number 3


Every year there’s the Cheese Festival, Watermelon Festival, Fair on the Square, Mulberry Fine Arts Festival, Dickens on the Square, plus concerts in Town Square Park for the entire family to enjoy. They make their own fun in Collierville, and they make plenty of it.

Number 4


One of the first things you notice when you drive around Collierville is that these people take pride in their community. The streets and sidewalks are clean. The grass is cut. The paint is fresh. The smiles are genuine. The history is very well preserved and the focus is on the future. This group is going places and we’re going with them.

Collierville Fishing Rodeo

Collierville Schools

Number 5


Great schools make great neighborhoods. Great schools, public and private, attract the businesses and families that build the kinds of communities we all want to live in. Schools are a big reason Collierville is growing.

Number 6


History builds character. History builds the foundation that a community rests on. Collierville’s history reaches back to the mid-1830s. Ups and downs? Sure. But it seems this has always been a progressive place. A community that has always embraced its history, but always looked to the future. History builds character.

Collierville Veterans Parade


Number 7


Memphis is great. Memphis is fun. Memphis is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy all its sights and sounds and tastes. And all that is about 30 minutes away from Collierville. An easy drive. A fun daytrip or night out. A place you’ll love to visit whenever you like.

Number 8


No small claim, and they didn’t make it up. The award came from Parade magazine in 2014. Sixteen finalists were selected from 2,000 nominations and Collierville was the winner. Shopping, dining, entertainment spread all around town. The people who already live here have a ball here. And so will you.

Collierville America's Best Main Street - Parade Magazine

Collierville Shopping

Number 9


Almost 90% of Collierville’s workforce is employed in white-collar jobs. 53% of adults have college or advanced degrees. Local, regional and national companies have operations here for the same reasons we came here. (See above list). Collierville’s business community is on the move and no one is left behind.

Number 10


A place like Collierville, with all it has to offer, only happens with really strong leadership throughout the community. City government, business, schools, cultural community—everything and everybody collaborating, contributing, and pursuing the same vision. That’s what we found in Collierville. We think you will, too.

Collierville Town Square

Enjoy one of America’s best small towns.

Shops, restaurants, banks, grocers, pharmacists, parks and medical services — all easy to reach from our conveniently located campus.

Want to see everything Collierville has to offer? Use our interactive map to find more.

The Farms Map

Interactive Map

View the Collierville Chamber of Commerce website for information on why Collierville is a place people love to live, work and play.

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