Peace of Mind.

Imagine buying a new car this year and paying the sticker price from 20 years ago. Purchasing LifeCare at The Farms for a set fee now guarantees your long-term care for life. You will already have paid for your future care with an investment made with today’s dollars.

LifeCare will perfectly complement the activity and serenity of your life at The Farms.

“Our children feel like we have made the right decision. I think they are beginning to see the value for themselves. It’s good for us and it takes the burden off of them.” – Mary Lois Thomas, Founding Depositor


LifeCare Advantage

LifeCare aids in the protection of financial assets. You can rest assured that the remainder of your income will be protected in the event that you need assisted living, memory care or long-term skilled nursing in the future. Even as prices for skilled nursing care and healthcare increase, you will have already locked in your investment.

In the case of couples, LifeCare ensures that the appropriate levels of amenities and services will be available to both you and your spouse simultaneously for life. LifeCare provides a safety net of services that allows couples to maintain a close, loving relationship while either spouse receives the care they need on campus.

There are multiple investment options for LifeCare at The Farms, including a choice of traditional plans and refundable options up to 90%.

“LifeCare [at The Farms] is a jewel. It is something to behold. LifeCare at one is not like the LifeCare at another and the LifeCare at The Farms is superb and far above what we found at other places.” – Jack Thomas, Founding Depositor


Health Services

Skilled NursingCutting-edge health and wellness options will be right in your neighborhood. The Farms will include 60 skilled nursing suites, 48 assisted living apartments and 32 memory care suites. The health campus will also offer the latest techniques in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. The health campus is close to Collierville Baptist Hospital and Methodist Germantown Hospital.



The Farms offers a variety of LifeCare options as well as refund choices.

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