Holiday Depositor Event

On December 1, The Farms hosted a holiday dinner to celebrate our future residents and the over 125 families that will call The Farms home. It was an excellent opportunity for soon-to-be neighbors to interact and celebrate their decisions to look forward to a future where their needs are taken care of.

Clint Hill at The Farms at Bailey Station


Clint Hill at The Farms at Bailey Station

Last Friday, The Farms at Bailey Station welcomed Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin as part of our Class Acts Distinguished Speaker Series. Retired Secret Service agent Clint Hill shared his amazing experiences as a first-hand witness to Jackie Kennedy’s life. Lisa McCubbin, The New York Times best-selling author and former news anchor, interviewed Hill to journey through the world’s fascination with the former first lady. Hill acted as primary Secret Service agent to Jackie Kennedy from her initial day in the White House through the tragic assassination of Friday, November 22, 1963.

Paul and Desley Monaco discuss why they chose The Farms

Why We Chose to Invest in “The Farms”

To begin, for all the attorneys present, a disclaimer: Desley and I are not paid actors, but committed future residents. Also note, that we chose the phrase “to invest”, not purchase.

FIRST, the quality of the management and staff; all found to be of outstanding character and dedicated to their clientele and this project. And the more you are exposed to them and learn about them the more impressed you become.

SECOND, the history of success. Look at Kirby Pines, their other LifeCare community. Check out their ratings and the condition of the facility, one that is over 30 years old, and looks like it was completed recently.

THIRD, location, location, location and that translates to convenience. All close at hand, churches, town administration, library, shopping – both retail and grocery, banks, restaurants, medical facilities, and for us our son and family are only 10 minutes away.

FOURTH, non-ownership (or as I call it laziness). At this point in life, I view ownership as a sort of liability. Here we do not have to concern ourselves with lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, painting, repairs, or a myriad of any other possible situations. Just call management and let them take care of the situation. Nice and easy!

FIFTH, income tax considerations. If you itemize your deductions, in the year you complete your financial requirement to The Farms, there is a substantial medical deduction; in addition, part of every monthly fee has a medical cost component, that is also deductible.

SIXTH, once you have completed your financial requirement and are medically approved, you have life time care; management will not turn you out. You do not have to depend on your children or the government, and your children do not have to worry that you will be a burden to them.

To my thinking, investing in The Farms, is not just the purchase of a home, but a commitment to a way of life. You are in close proximity to friends in similar circumstances and there are all sorts of social activities you can participate in, if you desire. However, the decision is not irrevocable, as The Farms has an exit strategy if you should change your mind or circumstances change.

I will admit, on the face, it is not inexpensive, but if you have the financial ability, what you receive and the potential savings in health care costs, makes investing in The Farms a wise decision.

– Paul and Desley Monaco

Return on Life

John Spooner is co-CEO of Greystone Communities, the nation’s leading development consultants in senior living. With a career spanning more than 30 years, he has a wealth of knowledge about what the future tends to hold for each of us, and how seniors across America are shaping it for themselves. Watch a highlight below from a Farms luncheon at Germantown Country Club where he discusses Return on Life—getting the most out of every day and focusing on what’s most important to you.

Garden Home #10 is Framed

Construction continues as Garden Home #10 is framed. The couple that bought this home is so excited to be the next to move into the neighborhood. They have the piece of mind that comes with knowing health care will be available on campus when they need it.

Garden Home # 3 Finished

Garden Home #3 is finished and the residents have moved in. Check out all the lovely finishes and amenities they selected for their custom home.


Collierville, TN – What do Kyoto, Japan, Uganda, Africa, and Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen in Memphis have in common?  All of these locations are included in National Geographic’s list of 20 “Best Trips.”  Michael Hudman and Andrew Ticer, owners of three popular eateries in east Memphis, are well-known throughout the culinary world.  Their restaurants, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, Hog & Hominy, and Porcellino’s, have joined the “best of the best” roster for exceptional dining experiences alongside other “must not miss” food stops in New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco.  The dynamic duo has created quite a buzz by mixing Southern flair with their Italian heritage, a distinct combination that stands out in their signature recipes.

On Thursday, June 8, at 2:00 p.m., the twosome will share their life-long love of food during an exclusive pasta making demonstration at Porcellinos Craft Butcher.  Their newest venue is located next door to the ever-popular Hog and Hominy on Brookhaven Circle.  The event is part of the Class Acts Distinguished Speaker Series sponsored by the mid-South’s newest LifeCare community, The Farms at Bailey Station.  Guests will likely not see the usual spaghetti or linguini at the event.  Hudman and Ticer like to experiment with the more adventurous garganelli, cavatelli and malfatti.  These interesting pasta shapes are common ingredients featured in their cookbook called “Collards and Carbonara.”

“These invitation-only events involving food have been complete sell-outs.  It’s definitely a popular common denominator that brings people together.  The goal is to give our special guests a “taste” of the enjoyable lifestyle experiences that we will continue to offer once The Farms at Bailey Station reaches completion,” according to Michelle Trammell Vincent, senior vice president of Retirement Companies of America.

Food brought the aspiring chefs together at a young age as they began to chart their course toward a career in cuisine.  Their childhood friendship led them to culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Italian Culinary Institute in Calabria, Italy. Since opening their first restaurant in 2008, they have accumulated a wealth of accolades including being one of only 12 restaurants on GQ’s list of “Places to Go for a Perfect Night Out,” Southern Living’s “Best Restaurants in the South,” along with numerous mentions in Garden & Gun magazine. They’ve been named “Best New Chefs” by Food & Wine, appeared in Men’s Journal, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, and the list goes on.

Since the Class Acts Distinguished Speaker Series began in August, The Farms at Bailey Station has hosted several tasting events and book signings, along with an event held at the Memphis Zoo.

About The Farms at Bailey Station:
The Farms at Bailey Station is a not-for-profit, state-of-the-art gated campus being built on Houston Levee near Poplar.  The community will include 63 custom-built garden homes, a three-story independent-living complex and clubhouse with 180 apartments, 48 assisted living residences, 60 private suites for those requiring special services such as rehabilitation or nursing care, and 32 memory care suites.

About the management:
Retirement Companies of America (RCA), located in Memphis, Tennessee, is a professional development, marketing and management company that has been providing services to seniors for more than three decades.  RCA currently manages Kirby Pines Estates, one of west Tennessee’s largest and most highly-regarded LifeCare communities.  Visit for additional information.


New Garden home at The Farms at Bailey Station

Collierville, TN – A $200 million development in Collierville will result in even more millions of dollars being reinvested in the community, thanks to relocators moving into town.  Herb and Fran Barnett are settling in and enjoying the contemporary amenities that are part of their newly constructed garden home.  The Barnetts are the first of nearly a dozen people that will start an exciting new chapter in their lives this year by moving into fully-customized homes on Houston Levee near Poplar, a not-for-profit 37-acre gated campus called The Farms at Bailey Station.

Ranked as one of the top 100 “Best Places to Live” by RelocateAmerica and voted the #1 Main Street in America according to Parade magazine, Collierville is gaining notoriety as a desired locale to put roots down.  As natives of the Midwest, the Barnetts place great merit in those accolades.

The development company for The Farms at Bailey Station, Memphis-based Retirement Companies of America (RCA), immediately became one of the town’s biggest advocates.  By choosing Collierville as the location for the state-of-the-art housing and lifestyle amenities designed for senior adults, the area will reap positive monetary rewards based on RCA’s decision to build there.  Even before ground was broken on the project, local companies were hired to provide home design plans, contracting services, and landscape architecture for the development.  “We enjoyed working with Sullivan Home Architects and Landon Homes in designing our new home,” Fran Barnett mentioned.

“It is rewarding to know that we are able to make a substantial difference for citizens that choose to reside here and this development is making such a positive impact on the community as a whole.  We are pleased that this endeavor will be responsible for creating 200+ jobs, making The Farms at Bailey Station the third largest employer in the Town of Collierville,” Michelle Trammell-Vincent, senior vice president of RCA, proudly said.

Couples like the Barnett’s are not only enjoying the present, they chose The Farms at Bailey Station for the many conveniences that will be fully available to them down the road, including onsite health care should they ever need it.  “We lived in Cordova, Tennessee, for 19 years and we wanted to stay in the area with our friends and known medical services,” Herb Barnett was quick to point out.

As progress at The Farms at Bailey Station continues, an independent-living complex and clubhouse will be constructed.  In addition, development will include assisted living residences, private suites for those requiring special services such as rehabilitation or nursing care, and accommodations for those needing memory care.   “We’ll have over 500 residents, many of whom are moving to Collierville from other areas for the first time,” according to Trammell-Vincent.

The Barnetts look forward to having so many conveniences within a stone’s throw of their treasured dwelling.  With an assortment of restaurants, scenic walking trails, and entertainment abound, The Farms at Bailey Station will add many enjoyable options to enhance the experience of those living life to its fullest in Collierville.

About the management: Retirement Companies of America (RCA), located in Memphis, Tennessee, is a professional development, marketing and management company that has been providing services to seniors for more than three decades.  RCA currently manages Kirby Pines Estates, one of west Tennessee’s largest and most highly-regarded LifeCare communities.  Visit for additional information.